The Basics

All Of Your Need-To-Knows

Alright, so you want to role play. What's the first thing you do? Naturally your response would be to make a character. But what does that mean? There are a lot of things you need to do to make a character, such as custom jutsu, equipment, and all sorts of other things. You can work on these things all at once including your profile, however your profile cannot be considered "complete" until everything else is finished and approved.

You're limited to three characters with a kekkei genkai (bloodline technique), one character per village/membergroup, and one position of power (Kage). Otherwise, you're not limited in the amount of characters you can have or where you start.

All of the bijuu are currently wild, so if you want to play a jinchuuriki, you must capture it in-character and seal it in-character, which will not be an easy feat and will be directed by a staff member playing the bijuu.

Any characters that are S-Rank, kage-level, or have an unusual or powerful requirement require a veto using our override system.


Let's Make A Character!

1. Before you even register, make sure you have read the rules to the right.

2. Next, you'll want to make sure you know what the available positions are. You can check the village positions, advanced positions, clans and kekkei genkai positions to see what's available. Yes, you can join someone's custom clan, however, you must seek permission from the clan's creator and talk with them to understand the abilities of the clan you wish to join. You may also want to check the character basics to learn more information on your limitations of character creation.

3. Now you start working on your character! You're free to leave as many WIP (work in progress) posts in the workshop areas as you like, but please be sure to indicate in the thread title that it is a work in progress.

4. Before your character profile can be looked at, you must have all of your other things for your character approved. These are the types of registrations you need to do:

  • Shinobi Registration

    This is where you register your character. Despite saying shinobi, you may also play samurai and civilian characters, if you choose. Be sure to indicate if you play a samurai or a civilian.

  • Clan and Kekkei Genkai Registration

    This is where you will register your custom clans and kekkei genkai. Note that you cannot create a custom advanced release that combines two different elements. If you are joining a canon clan or kekkei genkai that is canon but does not exist in our database, you must write a clan application for it as well as register the canon jutsu. As the jutsu need to go through the registration process, you are free to create custom clan jutsu that are universal for all who may join that clan.

  • Jutsu Registration

    Here you will find the workshops for personal jutsu, universal jutsu, clan jutsu, and kekkei genkai jutsu. Personal jutsu are techniques that only your character knows, however you can teach these jutsu to other shinobi. Universal jutsu are techniques that anyone can come along and add to their skill pool. Clan jutsu are clan-specific techniques that will be attached to the approved clan information. Kekkei genkai jutsu are techniques that will be attached to the approved kekkei genkai information.

  • Equipment Registration

    When should you and should you not register your equipment? Any weapon that is commonplace that any shinobi can possess if they know where to look doesn't need to be registered. However a weapon special to your character, such as a named weapon, a customized one, one with abilities, whathaveyou, needs registered. This includes weapons that are not intended for weapon use, such as a frying pan. Yes, I've seen it.

  • Critter Registration

    Here is where you will register your summons and familiars. While the summoning jutsu can be used to summon humans, you cannot have a human as your familiar or summon. Unless this is something that you've worked out with another player in-character, but then it would still be strange. While we don't disallow mythological creatures, we ask that you use common sense when selecting your summon. We'd prefer if you did not have more than five creatures on your summoning list. Be sure to check the summoning index to ensure your species does not exist. If it does, you must contact the owner of the summons and ask permission to add to their contract. You can agree to share some creatures, or simply add your own onto their written contract post.

5. Alright, so you've finished registering your things. Now what? You must post your ready applications in the notification thread. Once that's been done, all that's left is to kick back and wait for the staff to review your work.

6. Don't harass the staff into checking your work. Each staff member has their own jobs that they take care of to maximize quality. If you're unsure of who to go to, you can check the Meet The Staff! thread to see who does what job. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, so good luck, and welcome to Shinobi Desolation Roleplay!


You Best Read These, They're Pretty Important

1. Respect

This should be obvious, but please respect your staff and fellow RPers. If there is something you don't like about them, take it to PMs or off-site. If there is an issue with harassment, then please contact any one of the staff and we will help you work through it. This also applies to the cbox.

2. Remember The Terms Of Service

This means no pornographic pictures or RP. Proboards might take us down if that happens, so keep everything as PG-13 as possible. If you must, blackscreen out. You can take your RP into PMs (The codes work there just like posts), or you can take it off-site.

3. No Playing With Yourself

It is recommended that you don't RP with yourself whenever possible. Sometimes it's unavoidable if there's overlapping character relationships involved, but as a rule of thumb, don't. There is a free roleplay section under OOC at the bottom of the home page, if you'd like to.

4. OOC Roleplay

As mentioned above, there is a Free Roleplay section where you can do what you want, within ToS. You can test out characters that aren't approved yet, roleplay with yourself for practice, roleplay two characters that have no business meeting, derp around OOC, kill eachother, whatever you want. None of the Free Roleplay counts as canonical.

5. Accounts and Usernames

You must make a separate account for each character, with your display name as your character's name, lastname firstname. In the bottom right corner of the forum there is a mini-option panel that allows you to easily switch between your accounts.

6. Advertisement

If you advertise on another site, please be sure to check if we don't already have an ad there. Naturally if there are dozens of advertisement pages we don't expect you to search every page. Please be sure to use the correct version of the template; each forum type uses different codes and we have one for each of the main ones.

7. Don't Spam and/or Nag

Flooding the threads for a staff's attention or nagging at them is not going to get you what you want. If two days go by without a response on your work, then you're free to notify someone, but do not nag else your work will not get looked at. Each staff member has their own particular jobs they handle to ensure the highest quality.

8. Necessary Pictures

Your hover image, avatar, and profile images must all be either of your character, or relating to them. They can be silly pictures, but they must be appropriate according to the ToS. You are free to have a separate account for OOC posts and have any images you want, if you choose.

9. Mini-Profile Details

If you go to your member profile (Either click on your name or click on “profile” on the top of the page), there is an “edit profile” button. Click that, and go to your Personal tab. Fill in the information there that pertains to your character. This gives other players a quick glance at your character.

10. Literacy

We will assume that all of our roleplayers here are literate, meaning, capable of reading and writing on a coherent level. Now, this isn't to say we expect professionals, not at all. Newcomers to both Naruto and RP in general are both welcome and will be guided happily by the other members. What we expect is posts that are at least two paragraphs long if you can, and comb through it for typos so that it's legible. Another thing we ask is that you put a face do your dialogue so that it stands out against your other text. A color works, but be sure the color you choose isn't blinding against the skin's background. This also applies to font—while you're free to use a font face in your posts, please be sure not to pick one that's irritating to read.

11. Templates

The profile templates can be annoying at times, yes, but it helps keep everything need and tidy. If you have your own posting template you would like to use, and absolutely must have it, please be sure it includes all of the same information that our template uses.

12. Character Limits

While you are not limited to the amount of characters you can make, there are still limits on what you can do with them. You're allowed one character per village, plus one rogue, and one unaffiliated. You may have two of the following, but not two of the same: Kage, Jinchuuriki, and Sage. No one member can have more than one character within a clan, even if you're making the character in a different village. You're limited to three kekkei genkai, and three clans, however an exception can be made if you're a creator of a kekkei genkai or clan, as by creating it, you've opened up more slots for other members to join. Your character cannot belong to two clans, and cannot possess two kekkei genkai; but they may have a combination of a hiden clan with a kekkei genkai if it is passed through the override system. We'll probably say yes, but, you know, formalities.

13. No Powerplaying or Metagaming

If your character doesn't know the weakness, then you shouldn't exploit it; this is what metagaming is. Always play your character by the knowledge that they possess, not what you personally know about the people you're playing with. This can be unfair. Powerplaying is when you forcefully control another player's character, however this can be collaborated with the other player to move a thread along faster.

14. Canon Characters

It is extremely frowned upon to use canon characters here, such as copy personalities or faceclaims. However, I personally find it acceptable if the faceclaim you use is hardly recognizable to the character you're claiming; but rule of thumb: No copying of canon characters.

15. Character Creativity

Please, don't make characters that are a mishmash of traits you've always wanted to have, self inserts of yourself, or anything else that others would find irritating to play with you. Also, no plagiarizing characters of other series; sharing a first name might be okay, but not the full name with their personality and background.

16. No Superpowers

Each character starts off with a set amount of jutsu and abilities for their rank, this cannot be negotiated. You can earn more through Ryo in roleplay to purchase more abilities and jutsu. An easter egg for you is that you can sacrifice two of your highest level jutsu for one jutsu one rank higher. You can do that math as high as you want, but we won't pass a genin with an S rank jutsu.

17. Face Claims

Using an existing character some where as your character's face? Be sure to claim that face and add it to the database, found under character registration. You can also check that list t ensure your claim isn't already taken.

18. Just So You Know

Just so you know, your admin is blind. The minimum font size for main text bodies is 12pt. font for average sized fonts. Now, this part is easy, but you need this password in your profile if you want to have an approved character! This tells us if you read these. It's the answer to a very simple question: What's black and white and red all over?

19. Civilians

Civilian characters are more than welome here on Shinobi Desolation, however they have stricter rules than shinobi. Your civilian is not able to leave your village unless accompanied by a shinobi, however you also have the freedom of hiring shinobi for jobs and leading them around by their nose. As long as we get paid and the job is easy, who cares how many fences we need to fix and cats we gotta catch.

20. Summoning Limits

Your summoning contract can have as many creatures as you want. However, your character is only able to summon five of these creatures, and only those five. You can summon poop creatures of the contract, such as tadpoles on a toad contract, but cannot summon more. However. If you are creating a character who has a summoning expertise, you may put up an override that requests how many slots you need, but no more than ten.

21. Summon Creatures

Here, you are allowed to have mythological creatures as summons, but we request you run them through the override system so that the staff can judge whether or not they'll be acceptable. We don't want any gorgons running about turning people to stone. Summons that are too close to human-like are also frowned upon as well, but this is a case-to-case basis.

22. Familiars

An animal familiar is a partner that fights alongside you, not just a pet. This creature follows you around wherever you go more often than not, and you would not want to leave without them. As this animal is with you most of the time, it is preferred you have a travel-size creature, but it is not necessary. Mythology rules are the same as above. You can have up to two personal familiars.

23. S-Rank Restrictions

Want an S-Rank character? This includes Kages and sages. You must submit an override to get permission for one of these powerhouses, and it's preferred you do not choose one as your first character. This prevents us from having a bunch of S rank shinobi running about.

25. Custom Clans and Kekkei Genkai

If you're joining a custom clan or kekkei genkai that belongs to a different player, you must contact that clan's creator so you can join it and understand the abilities and restriction of that clan as they are meant to be. If the original creator of a custom clan or kekkei genkai has become inactive and their clan has no members, they will be archived. If it does have active members but the creator is inactive, contact the other clan members to see what you can learn.

26. Canon Clans and Kekkei Genkai

If you are joining a canon clan that has no information up (We don't have them all, but we tried!), then you must register the clan and kekkei genkai as well as the corresponding jutsu. Since you are the one registering, you are free to create universal customs for that kekkei genkai and/or clan, as it all needs to go through the registration process either way.

27. Character Placement

Most clans and kekkei genkai have designated villages that they belong to. If you would like to take one of those characters and place them elsewhere, you must submit it through an override with a brief explanation as to why, as well as including why in your character's history. We're pretty lenient on this, but you still need to have a legit reason.

28. Bijuu

Bijuu are plot-related events that will be initiated by staff only. If you wish to meet a bijuu, you must have a team of at least four people, with two being jounin or one being an S-rank, and then collectively submit an override. The location of spawning will be a thread open to all characters in that location.

29. Jinchuuriki

You are not capable of starting with a jinchuuriki. The bijuu are wild, and if you want to be a jinchuuriki, you must have it sealed into you within a thread that a bijuu has appeared in.

30. Death-Enabled Threads

As a general rule of thumb, you cannot be killed or irreversibly maimed in a thread without consent from all involved parties should something happen. However, there are set exceptions to this rule. If you enter a village acting like a complete idiot, terrorizing and blowing things up, expect some angerous conflict. Any thread involving a Rouge ninja should automatically be considered death-enabled, for they are extremely dangerous criminals that cannot be trusted. Any thread with a bijuu in it is also death-enabled. Any thread that has death enabled should have [DE] in the thread title somewhere.

31. Starting Equipment

While kunai and shuriken vary from the fighting styles of each individual (though if you're carrying an obscene amount, we'll call you out on it) some items have limits as to how many you can carry at once. Soldier pills, chakra pills, and blood pills are all limited to three each. Smokebombs are limited to 6 each. Unsure of a general shuriken and kunai count? Go about ten each. Depletable items like these are replaced after a thread ends, however you must purchase more slots if you wish to increase the maximum amount of things you can carry. There are a variety of things your ninja can carry, you can check with any of the staff if you're unsure what.


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